Friday, July 14, 2006


I am not naturally an early riser. There was a time in my life while serving an LDS mission when I was required to be up early every morning. I did it. I did not ever grow to like it, although I tolerated it. I've heard stories about people recently home from their missions who would just wake up automatically at 6:30 every morning because that's what they did. I was not one of those people. My first morning home I slept in. And I loved it.

Occassionally I have grand ambitions to get up! and get going! early, but it almost never happens. I can see the benefits. But apparently they are not enough to motivate me to get out of bed. On the days I do happen to get up! it takes me awhile to get going! anyway and I certainly don't do either with exclamation points. So here's the problem. My children are early risers. Way too early risers.

The symphony of childhood starts upstairs every morning. Their bedroom is right above ours and the thumps and bumps of getting out of bed usually cause me to roll over and look at the alarm clock. If the first number on the digital screen reads any number that generally proceeds "7" it usually ellicits a groan or a sigh. Once the time of day has been established I listen for cues. Is it the light sounds of the snare drum and tamborine created by a few toys being pulled out to play with? If so, okay. Snooze time for at least 20 more minutes! More often it's the timpani or the bass and the tempo of four little feet coming down the stairs, jumping off the landing to the floor (boom!) then the shuffle into the bedroom. I guess it's about time to get up.

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  1. I used to consider myself a morning person. Until I had children. Now, I'm trying to eek out every extra moment of sleep that I can!
    During my mission, we were required to pray on our knees for 15 minutes morning and night. Admittedly, those morning prayers became my morning snooze button. :-)