Saturday, July 29, 2006

heigh-ho, silver!

It hadn't been a great day. Just one of those "I could have and should have done better at...(name everything I did or didn't do)" days. Family was coming in and I needed to pick up a few things from the store (like a swimsuit- one that fit my post-partum body. Yeah, that's not something one can really just "pick-up" I know). When Ben arrived home from the city I quickly headed out in a not-so-great mood.

It wasn't too hot in the car because our heat-wave had actually subsided a bit, and so had the humidity. Two good things, anyway.
I flipped through the radio and settled on a classical station. It was the William Tell Overture, but a slower movement than the one that just jumped into your mind. You would probably recognize it though, because I think Bugs Bunny has deftly tried to hide from Elmer Fudd with this particular movement playing in the background. The third movement finished and then the rushing charge of the finale was upon me. I rolled down the windows and turned up the volume. Wow, mood changer.

You haven't truly lived until you have cruised down the Bronx River Parkway at dusk enjoying the summer green of the trees and blasting the William Tell Overture. I'm not kidding.

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