Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm thinking of starting a non-profit organization for kids. I actually already have the basics in place. It would start out fairly small, and make no mistake, it will require some intense dedication. I'm hoping for a subsidy of some kind, as our goal ultimately is to help kids grow up into responsible adults that are valuable to society and their fellowmen.

There are a few positions that need to be filled. Serious multi-tasking and organizational abilities will be needed. It will require a games and activities director, a cook, a nutritionist, a librarian, a media director, don't forget a cleaning staff and custodian, and a P.R. department to help make the positions look a little more glamorous than they might at first (and at last, actually) seem. We need to hire the best. Also needed would be a children's psychologist who could help with the tough times kids go through.

Really the idea is a kind of safe-house. We'll be open for most of the day and night, on call 24 hours. Vacations will need to generally be taken on days other than holidays, because for the holidays things will get pretty busy. But it'll be fun, too.

I will be running most of the day to day operations with some hefty help and funding from Ben and a few others. Many of those qualified people we need are on the other side of the country, but we'll have them fly in from time to time.

Because of our currant capabilities, those allowed into the 24 hour program will be limited, although we plan to bring in more from time to time. Initially our focus is on young children, but as we expand, elementary age kids, and pre-teens will be welcome. Eventually we plan to extend that, ahem, welcome to teenagers as well. Kids who would like to join up for our daily activities are usually welcome. Their parents will need to call ahead, however.

We will accept donations. Just send them to our managing director who is also currently acting as our accountant, as well as the cook, nutritionist, media director, custodian, etc., etc. Make the check out to Mom.

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