Tuesday, June 12, 2007

in a former life I was a boy scout

Because I am nothing if not prepared.

My mom flies out tonight for SLC. So after 2 + weeks of lovely help and time to nap I will be on my own. Alone. With four children.

But I am prepared. I went to the store this morning and loaded up on pretzels, famous amos CC cookies, mini oreos, marshmallows, etc. For fun snacks, you know. Otherwise known as bribes. Also, no plans to pack the DVD player and TV until the end.

In truth I am big on limiting sugary snacks and TV consumption, but with Ben super busy at work for the next little bit, and with a house to pack up, and a newborn who likes to sleep on her mom, I'm happy to indulge a little bit. Or a lot. As the case may require.


  1. With all that you have to do with a new babe and a move coming up... just survive however you have to. :)

  2. Ya know, sometimes the DVD player is a heaven sent thing, especially to new moms trying to figure things out (and, having four myself, I totally understand where you are coming from!)

  3. There's no shame in sugar and tv when it's necessary :)

    Especially when YOU can't have chocolate you need to have something to help out.

  4. Indulge away. If you can't do it now, when can you?