Monday, June 18, 2007


Once upon a time Lei tagged me for this meme. A 7 random things about me meme. But then I had a baby and some other stuff came up and I didn't get around to it, until now.

Presenting 7 Random ThingsAbout Me! In no particular order (you know, random...heh).

1. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 18, the summer after I graduated from high school. My best friend had a car and I often lived at the high school doing dance company and cheer stuff and in a worst case scenario I could walk home because it wasn't too far away.

2. I don't like pudding, except on rare occasions when it goes in some kind of dessert. And that is rare, I'm telling you. Of course eclairs are accepted. (It's hard to live in France and not accept eclairs. But not the flan. I do not like flan.)

3. A good activity for a summer evening is a happy game of croquet. It's also good to have a trampoline on hand that has been pushed into the corner of the yard, but available to jump on when it's not your turn.

4. I'm not much of a flosser. You know, of teeth. I brush religiously at least a couple times a day, but flossing is something I've never really gotten into. And no powered toothbrushes.

5. Also, no battery or otherwise operated massagers. The vibrations go right into my spine and up to my brain and it gives me a headache. Send me to a masseuse any day. That is heaven.

6. In college I performed with a modern dance company for a few semesters (where we learned how to give and thus receive pre- and post-performance massages
. Loved it). One of those performances included a dance with songs by the Muppets. (Mnah,mnah - I have no idea how to spell that.) It's a classic. Don't kid yourself.

7. And yes, I was a dance major for a time, until I switched to English, a much more practical major. There was a semester where I danced almost all day long between all the different dance classes I was taking (well I guess actually during all the different classes I was taking). I lived in a leotard and I loved it. Hmmm. I was pretty fit. I wonder where that body went? I guess it's not a body that shows up when the majority of your day is spent doing less active things...

Happy Monday, everybody!


  1. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 18 either. Never was a point to it before that.

    A good massage sounds great to me right no!

  2. Good literature does make you feel like dancing... :)

  3. Love dancing. So much fun. I haven't for years, but I still love it.

    Happy Day to you!

  4. I so agree with you on the massages going to the brain and the flossing. I used to lie to the dentist and say I didn't floss "as often as I should" when the real answer was "never." Now, I just say "nope, I don't floss."

  5. love that mnah mnah song. it's great.

  6. I totally missed this! And is that BYU that you danced at? Was it Dancensemble you perfromed with? Because I was in Dancensemble and remember somebody choreographing to Mahna Mahna one semester. I can't remember if I choreographed that semster or not, but I was in Dancensemble for a few semesters!