Friday, June 15, 2007

just to say I posted

I sat down at the computer to type out a quick to do list and I got sucked into the blogosphere vortex of time suction. Or something like that. So I thought I'd attempt a post of my own. Camille is actually asleep in her bed and not on mom, for the time being. And the three other kids are upstairs playing. And my brain may sustain me through a few paragraphs. I don't guarantee their entertainment or informational value.

This morning I have printed out a form to have our mail forwarded, set up cancellation dates for electicity and gas and phone and internet and t.v. and probably other things I don't even know about. We've booked the moving van and the plane tickets. I have started to pack. Packing is a little bit relief, a little bit
of a tug on the heartstrings and a lot living in between stacks of boxes and packing tape.

For the remainder of today I am focusing on living space as opposed to packing, so dishes and bedroom and toys are what I am trying to get done. Oh, and book reading to Oliver, who is sort of patiently sitting at my feet, having crawled down the stairs, waiting for me to finish with a book in his hand. So I guess I'd better finish.

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  1. I love the title for this post :)!! Sometimes when I post all I want to write about is what is on my mind and many times that is just the mundane things in life.