Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a dash of mortification with your motherhood

Aren't kids sweet? No, really, just the sweetest things ever? No pretense, no facades, just themselves.

One of these sweet little girls showed up at my parent's door on Sunday with her dad, stuffed Nemo doll in hand, asking for my daughter. She then handed over Nemo to my daughter who said thank you breathlessly. Our sweet visitor went on to explain that she had two Nemos and so she was giving one away. She didn't need two. I thought this was cute, and a nice gesture towards a new friend. I smiled at her and her dad. My daughter hugged the plush fish tightly.

The little girl went on. She actually didn't play with Nemo anymore. So giving one away wasn't a great loss. And besides, my daughter had asked for it. Yes, there it was. My daughter had asked for her Nemo.

My cheeks may have turned a little pink. But it was a very sweet gesture, one I would like my kids to make if they ever have twin Nemos they have tired of, and I wanted the little girl to be able to continue with her nice gesture...I was abashed, however. We politely accepted the gift; me with verbal thank you's, my daughter with those silent thank you's that children are known for (some people call it staring straight ahead).

We shut the door. I turned to my daughter. "Sweetheart, we don't ask people for their toys, it's not very polite." It was my daughter's turn to be a little abashed, but for different reasons. But (which lesson to reinforce?) "That was very nice of your friend to share with you like that."

So there you have it. Kids being kids. I'd really like to know what the conversation was like that ended with my daughter getting a stuffed fish that all my kids are now fighting over. I realize one of the charms of children is that they tell it like it is, tell you how they want it. And we could use more of that in this world with some of the adults I know. I just wish this candidness wasn't at the expense of my cheek color, a light blush.


  1. Oh, I so feel the same way.

    My mother likes to tell the story of my grandmother giving me a cute shirt she had bought me. When my mom prompted me by saying, "Now what do you say...?" My reply was, "Where's the pants?" She was also mortified.

  2. Kids are awesome, but they do cause some pink-ish blushes every now and again. I wish I could remember what happened recently wiht my kids, but I don't. But I remember blushing. And I don't blush easily.

  3. very pinkish on occasion... but worth it.