Thursday, August 2, 2007

inquiring minds want to know

I have now entered what I am calling "the Voldemort stage" of my illness. And not just because of my random urges to kill whoever crosses my path and annoys me. (Just kidding.) My cold/whatever else it wants to be, has moved up through my head slowly and is now at my eyes. They are red. Red, red, red. Yes, it's a little frightening. It's probably viral, but since my two-month old avoided the rest of my cold but got the eye infection we went to the instacare last night and got twinner prescriptions for antibiotic eye drops. Better safe than sorry. And lots of fun.

But enough about me. More about Harry. ***mild, mild, mild, and vague, spoiler alert on a brief tidbit at the beginning of the book for those of you who haven't yet read book #7. And by the way, what is the matter with you????***

There were obviously justified debates about the nature of Snape and his loyalties. But what I want to know is this: Stanley Shunpike, Death-Eater or Imperiused?

Was he rightfully put into Azkaban and therefore freed by the bad guys? Would it really be worth the effort to get him in on the plot to capture Harry if he were good? I'm just saying, Harry may have his doubts, but I have mine and they are on the other side...I think Mr. Stan isn't the sweet awkward guy we all thought he was...But I don't care enough to write some fan-fic about it or anything. But what do you think? Naughty or nice?


  1. Naughty, definitely. Things are not always what they seem in Potterworld.

    #7 rocked. Now I'm in mourning that there won't be a #8.

  2. Ya know, I never even thought about it.

    Hm. . .

    If it runs through to JK, he probably is naughty. But. . .he always did seem a bit too nutty to be of much use to anyone.

    Verdict is still out for me. I'll let you know.

  3. My eyes! My eyes!

    I just started the series this summer and am only on book 3.

    But I am sure sorry about your nasty cold. Bummer!

  4. You dan't care enough to write fan fic?????!!!

    Are you sick or something. When the lethargy passes and you write some smokin' good chapters, let me know.

    I agree with you. I think he was rotten.

  5. Oh I can't say anything for fear of spoiling it. Andrew and I sat up until 2 am finishing it a week ago. We'd been reading during FHE and got to the really great part with 200 pages left to go but suddenly we noticed it was 11 pm. So we put the kids to bed (they screamed in protest) and finished it ourselves. We were paying for it the next day.

  6. Not really a spoiler for me.. since I'm 4 books behind.. but I love Harry and I am going to read them Sept. and Oct. on tape. I hear the reader is terrific! And, I think this year my daughter will be able to listen w/out a visit to the psychiatrist. I love Snape though (that actor what's his name is so dang handsome) so I hope he's a good guy. I only like good guys. :) Hope you feel perfect very soon.