Wednesday, August 8, 2007

on average, it's not so bad

I think I'm hitting a post about once a week. And while that will in no way allow me to catch up to Barry Bonds, whether I use steroids or not, I'm reasonably happy about my record, all things considered.

Because the housing market in Utah is just starting a downward slide, there are a lot of overpriced houses we'd like to live in, but can't afford. Hmmm. Turns out when you have some student loans in your back pocket, the Utah Valley and NY cost of living doesn't seem so different after all! So we've decided to rent for a year while the market calms it's self down a little bit. It is, happily, a buyer's market, and all signs point to it being even more of a buyer's market in a year and so we shall wait to get our little abode a little bit longer. That way it will be a little bit bigger than if we were to plunk down the money now.

So we are in the hunt for a decent place to rent. Honestly. This is one of my least favorite things to do. But we need to settle down quick for the sake of my sanity and because my oldest starts school in a few weeks, and that might be a nice thing to do, you know- have an idea of where we'll be living so we can actually sign her up for the much anticipated kindergarten!!!!!!!!

If you know of any great houses for rent at a fabulous price (fabulous = low) drop me a line. I'll check it out! Otherwise, we're glad you could join us for the weekly event of posting here at Bells on their toes. Thanks!


  1. Ya know, Craigs list is good. Also I hate house hunting! Call me when you have to unpack, kay? I know you don't know me, but I have a trampoline and a sand box and four kids yours can play with!

  2. Just like Dedee, I was going to suggest Craigslist. Hope you find something soon!

  3. Oh boy. I wish you luck... I really hope things settle down for you soon. Hang in htere!

  4. I'm usually a lurker... hi! Welcome to Utah!
    I live in Salt Lake and my daughter just started Kindergarten yesterday! (we have a year round school)
    We bought our house 2 1/2 years ago for 125,000 and now houses in our neighborhood are going for 180,000! It's crazy! But, understandable... we're close to downtown and a bunch of graduated lawyers have moved in. :)
    So, after saying all that, what I really just wanted to say was, Good Luck in the finding and the settling in!

  5. Good luck finding a great rental. I think that things are going to calm themselves quite a bit ... it's been kind of nuts of late.