Friday, August 24, 2007

a to do list

place to live (aka,house)...check.

place to live (aka, van)...check.

5th year check-up and immunizations (not mine, I am older than five, though I don't always act like it)...check.

registration and insurance for van...check., it is a lot of boxes...

spend a ton of money at Costco in order to fill pantry and then upgrade to the Executive Membership because what the heck, probably spend as much there next week, too...check.

make bed...ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

load dishwasher...check.

email people in New York I'd like to keep in touch with...I've thought about it guys, you know who you, someday! (Just know I'm thinking about you).

pay bills, balance the never ends, does it.

get an ISP...working on it.

visit my mom's computer, I mean, my mom...check.



  1. Congratulations. I'm impressed!

    Especially on finding a place to live!

  2. 1 box per day. It is a lot of boxes.

  3. wtg keeping up with it all!

  4. Welcome to Orem! I hope you enjoy it here despite the Japanese Beetles and the deadly bacteria that populate the public swimming pools. It's worth it all for the incredible CD collection at the library. Maybe I'll bump into you at Costco. But then again, I'd never recognize you unless all your kids were riding in the cart with their shoes off :)