Monday, June 30, 2008

the doctor will see you now. again.

I've been to the pediatrician three days in a row; Thursday, Friday, Saturday. To monitor a deep tissue infection, most likely staph, that has invaded my daughter's leg. She's on her second antibiotic. But now seems to be doing fine. She's dying to get out and ride her bike, because the doctor suggested limited activity as to not increase the spread of the dangerous germ. I think tomorrow may be the lucky day for bike riding.

It's a lot of fun lying in bed at night worrying that your kid's leg might need to be amputated. You know, worst case scenario and all that.

Today I go back to the pediatrician so that my second daughter can get a shot. It's actually good timing, as she has been very jealous that her older sister has been able to see the large tank of fish at the doctor's office so many times.

At the doctor's office I know the receptionists by name, they will now send me a birthday card each year and we will invite each other to our children's weddings. I can't tell you how thrilling it is to look at your online banking statement and have co-pay, after co-pay, after co-pay show up on a balance sheet. On Saturday the receptionist didn't think it was funny when I asked her if there was a "pay two co-pays, get the third one free" deal this week.

Thank goodness for our little mystery surprise, because Saturday evening after my sister's bridal shower ~ which [digression alert!] turned out to be quite lovely, thank you. I wish I had taken pictures because it looked pretty, didn't cost a lot to throw (funny expression) and my sis got some good gifts. But alas. I didn't get pictures. So, oh well. Anyway! [end of digression] ~ after the shower one of the sores on my leg which I had suspected were spider bites flared up so much that I think that I, too, have a staph infection, which means another trip to the doctor today, more co-pays, more antibiotics.

More fun, basically.

Here's the good news: because I couldn't for the life of me remember which doctor I went to before we moved to New York (we're generally healthy people so the only person I see on a semi-regular basis would be my OB/GYN) I spent the evening going through old checkbooks to see if I could find a check made out to some mystery family practice. And I did. And I also found another unused checkbook, which is fortunate because I was almost out of checks and hadn't re-ordered any, and now I don't have to.

See! A silver lining to every bacteria-filled cloud. Hooray.

(P.S. I am behind on Dandelion Wine. I will catch up, soon. Thank you for your support)


  1. OH.....I cannot believe you have to deal with that! Staph infections are near the top of the "Things I Fear" list.

    I hope it clears up soon!!!

  2. I hope you are ALL all better soon. I don't like staph either.. scary.