Monday, June 9, 2008

current state of existence

I neglected blogging the second half of the week because I have been in a raging feverish state, with awful aching muscles and a sore throat that have made me somewhat welded to my bed as it were. On Saturday morning after two days of feeling absolutely awful Ben drove me to the insta-care where I was very promptly diagnosed with strep, apparently the sickness-du-jour. Which wasn't a huge surprise after feeling so incredibly crappy.

The amazing thing to me is that although I started to feel better I have absolutely no energy. My body went at this biotic-attack with almost everything it had, fighting like crazy while I lay half -conscious in my bed and I am completely exhausted. It's crazy. Hopefully with the handy-dandy antibiotics kicking in any day now, my body will have a chance to recover some of it's depleted resources. Until then, I will be sort of sliding around my house like a wet noodle.


  1. Hope you feel better! Moms are not supposed to get sick. It goes against nature. :)

  2. Hi Allysha! I'm a newcomer to the blog world. I'm glad I'm here though. I hope you don't mind me checking up on a member of one of my most favorite families in the world! New York? Wow. It's great to you!

    Kara ps - hope you feel better. I had strep almost every week when I was little. yuck.

  3. Feel better Sister! If I had - I would bring you flowers from the hot house! - or rather...from nature, for if you cannot venture out to it, it must venture to you!

  4. Strep!?! No fun. It took me out for two weeks when I was in high school. Sounds like you got a pretty bad case. Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy!