Thursday, June 5, 2008

my day

Picking up after dinner I come across what typifies the day: a hand drawn note from my daughter informing the family that her sister is no longer allowed in her room. She wrote it while sitting next to her sister, who was, in retaliation, writing a similar note for her own bedroom door. It was rainy, it was gray, it was dreary. Every one was in a mood that slid between mellow and moody. I felt like I could hardly find the motivation to get anything done, much less police two grumpy girls. And then, after the notes were written, they went and played together all day long. And I actually made dinner.


  1. Whew.. glad forgiveness settled in. :)

  2. I totally remember doing the same thing with my younger sister. I went as far as to divide our room down teh middle with tape.