Monday, June 16, 2008

father's day re-cap

My four year old wrote a little note to Ben about a month ago. Fortunately I remembered and found it and gave it to him at the proper moment.

He opened the brightly colored envelope. It said:
Dear Dad, Do not read this until Dad's day. Love, (your 2nd child).

Later in the day as we gathered at my parent's house my mom handed out a questionnaire about my dad, that no one really excelled on, but no one quite bombed. (Nothing like a quiz on your parents to make you realize how much you really don't know about them.)

The last question asked us all what trait of our dad's we would like to emulate. We went in birth order starting with yours truly and went from there. The answers were sweet, sincere, and touching. Then we got to the youngest, child #11, Cameron.

"I don't know," Cameron said. "There are so many things."

We all waited for his answer and then burst into laughter.

"I guess I'd like to have a tie for every day of the month, " he said at last. Which, my dad does have, and which, I suppose, is something a 12 year-old boy might aspire to.

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  1. Nell mezzo del cammini di nostra vita...
    !?...passavo per un saluto!