Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the blazing inferno of the ride home! help!

We're at that annoying time of year where it's quite chilly in the morning, but by the time afternoon rolls around the sun is radiating it's warmth rather effectively.

Yesterday when my daughter arrived home from school she burst into tears (not an uncommon occurrence these days) because the baby was taking a nap and she couldn't change into shorts and. (sob) she. (sniff) was. (sob, sob) so. (SOB!) HOT!!!!!!!! that she was about to DIE. (Or at least melt. down. Ha-ha, just a little parent humor).

Being the on-the-ball mother that I am, I was aware that today was going to be a little warmer in the afternoon, so this morning I instructed her not to wear pants. She chose a skirt. Cute. Pink. Not hot.

As she zipped up her little coat (that ends up in the backpack for the ride home) she said to me "I wish I had a leg jacket, cause that would be cool." Yes, it would. It would also look funny.

Maybe we just need to invest in a pair of leg warmers or something.


  1. My daughter told me this morning that was the beauty of leggings - to warm up your legs on a chilly morning.

  2. Check these out: http://www.hannaandersson.com/style.asp?from=SC|30|2|24|56|9||&simg=31045_E66

    cute and warm!