Friday, September 12, 2008

the key to brushing a two year-old's teeth that the first time, you have to bribe him with sugar. Yes, I know. Seems counter-productive. But it works. (I mean, after that you don't offer sugar, you just brush...and then do a quick mis-direction past the marshmallows. Hey, I was surprised it worked, too. But it did!)

(Also, it's not that he's never had his teeth brushed before ~ we've just hit that patchy "two year-old" period of life, you know what I mean.)

Happy Friday.


  1. the secret to brushing at our house involves dad holding them down to keep them from flailing around, and lots of threats of what I'll be doing to them if they don't open their mouths!

  2. after years of "please brush a bşt longer. don't spit yet. brush the back. bruuuuuuuussshhhh!!!" we bought each one one of these oral-b battery operated brush thingies. they have timer, and the boys love them.