Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Break It To Me Gently

It is Spring Break around these parts. I must confess, I was hoping for something like this:

Instead I get this:

If I can't have sun, then this would certainly do:

But I am not in any sort of Cobbled Street Town. Unfortunately a quick trip to rainy London or Paris is not currently in the cards. Darn cards. Maybe later?

But perhaps we can do some of this:

And this:

And if not, we'll just watch this:

Ah, Spring.


  1. Goood morning! Good morning! It's great to stay up late! Good morning, good morning to you!

  2. I'd like to see you doing some of that dancing.

  3. or build a snowman today. Boo.

  4. Me again: Singing in the Rain is one of my favorite movies - maybe we'll watch it tomorrow too.

  5. I just caught up on all your April posts - very fun! What is kirtsy by the way?