Monday, April 27, 2009

Wise Words

I love what Elder Orson F. Whitney once said: "The spirit of the gospel is optimistic; it trusts in God and looks on the bright side of things. The opposite or pessimistic spirit drags men down and away from God, looks on the dark side, murmurs, complains, and is slow to yield obedience."

We should honor the Savior's declaration to "be of good cheer." (Indeed, it seems to me we may be more guilty of breaking that commandment than almost any other!) Speak hopefully. Speak encouragingly, including about yourself. Try not to complain and moan incessantly.

As someone once said, "Even in the golden age of civilization someone undoubtedly grumbled that everything looked too yellow." ~ Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I wrote something today. But it wasn't what I wanted to post exactly. And then I came across this quote on a friend's blog and so I am stealing it because it is a good one.


  1. Amazing how much of a difference it makes if we cultivate a sense of good cheer!

  2. I started reading this and though, "Wow! I was just thinking about that talk last week! What are the odds?" Then I kept reading. :) Thanks for the link. I'm honored to have it from such a great, long standing blog. Cheers!