Monday, April 20, 2009

It looks like the weather is finally catching up with the season

We survived Spring Break.

My sister indicated she thought this was turning into a Weather Commentary blog, so I won't mention the 5 inches of heavy snow that fell hard on the blossoming trees, breaking their limbs and then melted, turning my backyard into a swamp with several inches of water, and then mud every where. The winter boots came back into the house swollen with spring moisture and I am not sure they will ever recover.

We went to Chuck E. Cheese, the child's version of Vegas with the loud noises, flashing lights and bad singing acts. The kids had a good, if frantic, time and we have vowed to someday return. In about seven years.

We were finally able to torture the local wildlife by scooping up potato bugs/pill bugs/rolipolies, whatever you want to call them, and putting them into the newly acquired bug catcher. The one I had to super glue together 15 seconds after I brought it home because my 3 yr-old son got a hold of it. And wouldn't let go. Until forced.

No, actually he just pulled the lid in the wrong direction and it snapped off. And then handed it back to me.

We whipped up cookies and ate them.

I thought about all the things I could do, and then I read a couple of Robin McKinley books instead.

And that was a good thing to do.

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