Tuesday, April 21, 2009


...about a few blog tweaks.

...about why I blog, anyway.

...that I should adjust some of the font sizes on the blog.

...that I should shower while Clifford the Big Red Dog is on,

and plan a productive day, or at least semi-productive.

...about Susan Boyle (who isn't?), and the kinds of demands we make on people we decide should be celebrity.

...what is wrong with a quiet admiration of talent?

...that I felt like punching Diane Sawyer in the face for her interview with Susan.

But I didn't.

I know. Benevolent.


  1. :) I like your thoughts.
    + I'll look forward to any blog changes you decide on
    + I agree about Susan Boyle and celebrity
    + I have shower delay problems myself

  2. I for one did not know who Susan Boyle was. (We didn't bring our tv with us to east coast.) So a few quick key strokes and you tube video later...I'm crying in front of my computer. So surprisingly wonderful! I don't think I'll try to find that Diane Sawyer interview.

  3. Annie- shower delay. It's a good term.

    Kara- the interview isn't awful. Except it is. Diane looking lovely, but asking a few sort of smarmy questions. I just wish we didn't feel the need to hound the poor woman. Next up, Oprah! ARRRGGG!

  4. gosh - the interview was awful and Diane Sawyer was awful. She was really demeaning in her tone of voice and her phrasing. Bleck.

  5. I agree on the interview! The first time I saw Susan Boyle, I cried and my oldest came over and asked how I could possibly cry at something so pretty!