Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loose ends. I am so there.

Yesterday was early out day at the elementary school. An early out day that is NOT a Monday or a Friday should be non-existent.

I was on the ball, going to Walmart for some spray adhesive for a project my daughter needed to turn in (another story on it's own, and yet, if I were to tell you about it, it would be strangely reminiscent of the theme of this post). I looked at the clock. I had just enough time to shrink wrap the project (an art piece--watercolor-- by the way) and arrive at the school a few minutes early.

I walked into the office to drop off the precious project and lo-and-behold, there was my kindergartner sitting on the couch. I thought to myself "How odd. Why is she in the office with only a few minutes of school left?" I asked her as much.

You know where this is going.

"I've been waiting for you." She said calmly.

I'd forgotten that yesterday was Wednesday. Early out. Here I was all excited to pick her up a little early. I was late, instead.

I compensated by forgetting what time all the other students get out of school on Wednesday by showing up, totally unwittingly, 15 minutes early to pick up my other daughter.

I have lost my son's Halloween costume. I have NO CLUE where it went. I am distraught.

I cannot find a movie that I have had in my nightstand for the last four months. WHERE DID IT GO?

I have not been able to remember what day it is this week for the life of me.

My kitchen is almost done. But there is, due to various and sundry leaks, most of which occurred before we bought this house, mold in my bathrooms. Behind the drywall.

So now we must do major reconstructive surgery on the bathrooms in this house (both of them) and I am thinking of constructing an outhouse for the duration.

And I still can't find the Halloweeen costume, for which I spent good money that could have gone towards bathroom renovations and not towards a lost bag with a Buzz Lightyear costume (that also doubles as pajamas. Now I may have to buy new pj's, too.)

The sad thing is, I hadn't even shown them to my son, who would have died of pleasure to know they existed.

I'm really not unravelling.

But I am going to take a nice bath this morning.


  1. Your post made me want to come over and look for the costume myself! Sorry you can't find it... goodluck!

    The part about you arriving late at the school did take me back to times waiting for mom to pick me up from school and taking longer than I wanted! ha ha ha... unfortunately I probably would have had an attitude and been a brat about it while E (was it?) was at least patient in waiting.

  2. Yeah. That's a day to make you tear your hair out. It sounded painfully familiar, although I don't have near as much going on as you do. Heaven help me when this 3rd baby gets a life. Yow.

  3. Some weeks are nice to be finished with!