Thursday, October 15, 2009

Magnetic Poetry

I've been cleaning out, going through things.

I have come across my Magnetic Poetry set.

I like poetry.

In my humble opinion, the magnetic way of putting down verse actually isn't all that effective, however. Still, it's amusing.

So before I disassemble the wondrous combination of words from my notebook, I shall publish here for the first time the fantastic results of my foray into the genre where negative and positive ions bond together, please oh please note the good dose of tongue and cheek with which they were written. Otherwise I shall go and hide under a rock.

May we all have a good laugh. Eat your heart out, Atlantic Monthly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He felt her chains rip
through the skin of his feet
as he ran
his bitter goddess stared
singing to eternity
her need
his death
her dreams
his worship
they lie behind the smooth beauty of the moon


raw milk
is less
as am

{full disclosure: these may just be random words and not an actual poem}


by & by
I am the why
always when
& never who
are you
and yet
it rains


sea cried the maiden
as the delicate girl like a weak
rose whispered for fallen skies
a symphony of mist and shadow
recall her soul about
chants tell heave of an...

{this poem has obviously been thrown into disrepair over the course of years. Like 10 years, to be exact.}


sky in language
is our friend


{I just wanted to note that the magnetic poetry people felt it utterly necessary to provide the word "goddess" for me twice. Since obviously that has been a word oft used in poetry. Oh wait, not really since the Odyssey and the Iliad. Also the necessary words love, lust, frantic, blood, luscious, raw...hey it just occurred to me...Do you think Twilight was written with magnetic poetry? Now there's something to think about...}

{Also: any surprise I picked this up long ago in my college bookstore. That's the age for it, isn't it?}


you were out peach



{a.k.a. The End}


I know. You're a little bit bummed about that. Sorry. You'll just have to wait until I pull out my early college journals.