Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Snow or Not to Snow...

Today it is supposed to snow. It's trying. There are a few minuscule ice crystals floating around in the air. The wind has come to blow almost all of the leaves off my tree. It is starting to look bare and rather late-fallish. If this storm can get off the ground my kids will be excited and ecstatic. I will be content either way. This snow will not last. It will be chilly outside. But it will make things cozy inside. Mostly I plan on ignoring it.


  1. I think it stinks! I've been out in in all day with Grandpa. No fun!

  2. Not content! Noo! We must fight! Protest! Too early for snow and cold! You stay inside and be cozy. I'll be doing my ceremonial 'stay away snow dance' in my mom's kitchen - while I wait for my hot chocolate to be done.