Friday, October 30, 2009

To Sum Things Up A Bit...

Michelle at Scribbit has posted an interview with me today. Mostly it's about art in various forms. So to celebrate, here are some of my more artistic, writerly posts that I like.

Vignettes from Late August ~ on the passing of my Grandmother

Mr. Smith: jr. high band teacher ~ about, yes, jr. high band

ahoy, there! mateys! ~ a light hearted reflection on pirates and motherhood

Awe ~ about my experience with Michelangelo's Moses

and also, just for fun:

Allysha 101 ~ more about yours truly.

Another note: My good friend Lindsy closed up her food blog this past week. It was a wonderful collection of her beautiful photographs of the amazing things she created in the kitchen. I asked her to write about cooking as a creative endeavor for Just an Orange. Here is a link to her essay. It's worth a read.


  1. Glad to meet you. I adore Scribbit, and anything from her comes highly thought of. Looking forward to reading more of your blog & archives.
    PS: Are you a Londoner? The subway picture looked like it...

  2. Allysha, the interview was fabulous. I love your perspective in life. thank you.

  3. I saw the interview on Scribbit and hopped on over here. SO nice to meet you! I love your writing. I've had fun poking around.