Monday, September 20, 2010

about the day

I'm washing bedsheets today. They need it.

Ben's MacBook is hanging out in the kitchen today, with the plan to play movies constantly. Dora the Explorah has been seen. We're onto Finding Nemo. My daughter is potty training and as long as she is in underwear she is being placed strategically away from carpet for the time being. Her small potty is right next to her. There is a jar full of potty treats. Today we're just working on figuring things out.

People. I cannot tell you how much I hate potty training. I loathe it. But still. We're at the point that it must be done.

Back in the day I had a cleaning checklist. Each time we moved I would revamp the list and move forward with a basic idea of what I needed to do each day. Until this house. Maybe I was just too tired and overwhelmed. But I'm back. Well, not entirely, but back enough to think of getting a new cleaning list together. My family may not thank me that much. But I will thank me, and that's about all I need.

I like the soundtrack to Finding Nemo. Go Thomas Newman. I think he is the composer. I am telling you this without double checking on

I'd really like to take a nap right now, just like the baby is.

But I think that would be counter-productive.

My sis (one of many) just called me. She is going to visit me today! That is a happy thing.
And motivational. I think I will go and clean up the kitchen and vacuum the living room.

I could use a cleaning checklist.

And a magical potty training solution.

Fortunately my sheets are being cleaned with relatively little effort on my part.

Here we go.

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  1. I wish one of your sisters would come visit me. Ha ha. I'm impressed that you're even getting as much cleaning done as you are. Go you! (That was meant to be motivational.)