Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's 10:01 and I want to go to bed. But Caleb is next to me. His onesie has a fish on it. He was in his crib making sad noises and so I went over to comfort him and then he started grinning at me like nothing else and then I brought him with me into bed and now he has the hiccups and is talking to me and not going to sleep. He is tired. And I am tired. But I haven't really started any kind of sleep training yet. I thought about it, but then I thought that maybe, because he has such a charming smile, that I would regret not getting him out of his crib and snuggling him for a moment. Sleep training can only truly happen when you are at the point that you can ignore the smile because you are so dang tired. I am just tired at the moment. Caleb is tired, though, maybe almost dang tired. He is crying his tired cry. And because he is lying in my lap while I type he is also trying to nurse on my elbow. It feels funny. So maybe he's hungry and tired. In which case, I should feed him and put him down to bed and go to bed myself.

Oh wait. He's talking to me again. Darn that charm. I may be up for a few more minutes yet.


  1. Oh, I'm right there with you! When Tessa wakes up in the night, I know I should get immediately back to bed after she eats, but sometimes I just want to snuggle that cute little girl while the rest of the house is perfectly quiet.