Saturday, September 4, 2010

Honestly, Are You A Paint Chauvinist?

Dear Mr. Paint Mixer Man,

I swear I am not an idiot.

I know what I am talking about.

I would like to think that you know what you are talking about.

But since you did not take the time to listen to how I got the paint color I am unhappy with in the first place, I now have the EXACT SAME PAINT COLOR THAT I AM UNHAPPY WITH. Thanks a whole bunch.

You seemed to feel, when I interrupted you to clarify a few things about my current match-the-paint-color-experience, that I was being rude and untrusting of your grand abilities to match paint. I assure you that I don't doubt your ability to do this. But I do doubt your ability to LISTEN to the customer who has some experience in seeing what is missing from the paint.

Initially we had too much red and a tad too much black, and then, on the second go round we needed just a smidgen more of yellow. But instead of listening to me you went ahead and analyzed the colors and sent me home, unsure of the new color, to paint my house. And now I have spent way more time driving to the paint store and painting my walls than I wanted to. And my room is not done, so the furniture is not put back together, and Sunday is upon us and well...

I may be inclined to chalk it up to an honest mistake, except that you seemed to feel that your expertise and manhood were threatened by my suggesting anything other than, sir, dear man, superior to my own color experience, please divine what has happened here with my paint and fix it. Well, your way didn't work.

My way may not have worked either, but at least it would have been my fault and I would have dealt with that. But this way, I am just frustrated and mad. While I'm am sure you are a nice person in real life (actually I am not sure about that, I'm just trying to give you the benefit of the doubt) you were a rotten customer service representative.


Someone who was looking forward to this Saturday.


  1. My paint experience: I always get exactly the color I asked for and then I hate it. At least it's not your fault. You can focus your frustration on someone else rather than hate yourself until you repaint. I do hope you can get it right. What a drag. This is why most people go with white (which is ultra boring, of course, and you're not a boring person).

  2. A ~

    One thing that I adore about your writing is that it reads out loud wonderfully well! So, not only did I get a chuckle reading this to myself, I read it out loud to Kip, who was standing in the kitchen making dinner, and it rolled right off the tongue in a snappy way.

    Sorry about the paint.

    ~ B