Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Poem For Today {A tricky one, at that.}

I have more gray hairs than I care to tell
I've been running all day doing this and that
I have some new paint, but I need a bath mat
The news today says your house won't sell
Today I've run more than I care to tell

My kids are downstairs watching t.v.
But soccer practice starts in about an hour
Is the cream still good or is it sour?
I need it for dinner and you will see
It's soccer time and yet, too much t.v.

I'd like a nap at this fine date
My baby is asleep and all will be well
If he wakes up now, then I can tell
That my bedtime tonight won't be too late
And that may suffice for this fine date.

The dinner plan may come to naught
A message on my phone said come at five
Instead of seven, man alive!
Because I have to go earlier than thought
Cereal for dinner is better than naught.

All this is true, don't ask me why
It's come in rhyme and come in verse
Maybe someday I'll drive a hearse
Yes, here's a poem; I thought I'd try
All this is true but don't ask me why.

Sincerely, Allysha

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