Monday, November 1, 2010

It's November and I'm glad about that.

I woke up early this morning with a "my life is like a merry-go-round" analogy going through my head. It's an apt one. All of the animals going up and down represent different responsibilities and they just turn turn turn on the carousel, up and down, and I am standing there watching everything going around and I don't know quite where to start. Cue the flashing lights and the jolly yet slightly insane sounding music!

* * * * *

Actually, my inclination is not to feel depressed, or even overwhelmed. Mostly I just want to lie down and take a really long nap.

And I'd like my kids to do the same.

Let's sleep everybody! For 100 years! Just like the sleeping beauty!

Ah, I don't think they'll go for that. Bummer. Because I think we'd all feel really great and well rested when we woke up.

Well, I'll have to think of something else. But now it's time for breakfast.

Cold cereal anyone?

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