Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Still More Thankful

We had a blizzard warning for yesterday. We went to the store and bought water, fire logs, and new snow shovels because ours was cracked. The storm pummeled Idaho and is shutting down roads in the Rockies. But it sort of skimmed over our little neck of the woods.

My kids anticipated a couple feet of snow. And the idea of being shut in for awhile kicked my homemaking into gear. I did the baby's laundry, in case the power went out. I cleaned up most of the house. I got out extra blankets for the kids.

The storm never really showed up, but left us with a nice holiday feeling this morning. The kids insisted on going out in the 1 inch of snow for awhile. The sun came out. I continued my cleaning extravaganza - the Thanksgiving one I was convinced a week ago had already died a definite death. (It's nice to be clean for the holidays, but sometimes at a cost that just isn't worth it. Hello sanity!)

The kids have played the Wii, made their beds (well, I really made their beds), cleaned their rooms and are now happily making a minor mess in the family room (they have promised to clean that up, too. We'll see).

Today I am thankful for our "blizzard." We got some stuff done and aren't even snowed in.

Good Deal.

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  1. No snow, but man is it sooooo cooolllddd out there!