Friday, October 5, 2007

bite me

So. I've been bitten by a vampire.

Sort of. Also, I find I don't really mind werewolves.

Have you heard about Stephenie Meyer? She is currently living my dream; aka a thirty-something mormon mother wakes up from a dream one morning and writes a book about it that becomes a New York Times best seller. And then another one. And another one. Well, okay. Part of my dream. I have a hard time seeing myself writing about vampires and the like, but my sisters had read her books, so I figured, why not? In the midst of my surrounding chaos, I could use some light reading.

And I'm telling you, the girl knows how to move a story. It's a teen romance, definitely. And while that's not my prefered genre, she does a really good job with the suspense and the plot line. Also, it's a teen romance I'd let my mother read and not be embarrassed. Except that the idea of vampires and werewolves seems totally bizarre to my mom in a romance. But you know, it works. It's not rocket-science or Media Theory (the not-so-light reading I've recently delved into), but it's enjoyable.

Enough so that those t-shirts that say "bite me / The Edward Cullen fan club" make me chuckle.


  1. If it has your endorsement, well then, I guess I should read it. EVERYONE here is reading it. Everyone. It's even being read for book club this month.

  2. I will have to bite the bullet and read them.

  3. My daughter just finished them and it was fun to be able to tease her about how silly the whole scenario of a benevolent vampire is. She took it so seriously! One of our good friends here knew Stephanie Meyers from their ward down in Arizona and said her husband was in the bishopric and was named "Ponch" as in Chips I suppose.

  4. I didn't love them. Not because they weren't well written. They are phenomenal. Just can't get past the whole vampire thing. I have other problems with it as well, but that's the main one. Glad you liked it though. I'm in a minority in my feelings.

  5. I finally broke down and read the first one this month because, as you say, it's the dream she's got going for herself.

    I dreamed about you and Ben last night. I can't remember most of it. It was some sort of BYU reunion and your kids were there and it was raining. There were no vampires and no one bit anyone else.

  6. I was really glad to hear that you liked this book because I have to read it for my book club and I wasn't very excited about it.. but you have great taste so I'm getting a better attitude. :)