Wednesday, October 17, 2007

it's so quiet here

When we got to Utah, my daughter was awed at the idea of doing our laundry in our very own house! And last week when we turned on the "heater" she asked where the thing was with the "pipes" and was confused, because how do you heat up a house without a radiator? or two, or three? Well, you can do it, but it certainly is heat without character, that's for sure. No hissing, no clicking, no clacking. No loud random bangings in the middle of the night. Yes, middle America, we may have lost a burn hazard and gained some extra floor space wih central heating, but it came at a cost.

( I won't say the same about the in-home laundromat.)


  1. When I moved in to this house (my first) I would take everyone on a tour of the new washer and dryer. I swear my clothes are a lot cleaner too when not sharing machines with the masses.

  2. I will still forever hate the radiators that our landlady controls!!! The temps dips to a freezing 65 degrees and the hissing and banging of the radiator begins.

    No, be glad you have Central Air!!! Be very, very glad!!!

  3. When I lived in an apartment, my life's biggest ambition was to someday have laundry in my home. Now in my condo, I've got it! And I'm wishing for maybe a yard, or at least a door that leads outside...