Thursday, October 11, 2007

green pants

The dreaded grass stain appeared yesterday. Actually, not so dreaded for me, a mother living in the era of Shout and Spray n' Wash and other happy titled stain removers. But for my daughter, oh my, those grass stains appeared on her new pink school jeans and her life was ruined, RUINED, I tell you. She sobbed and sobbed. She's headed for Broadway, that one. And then she choked out something I think we all metaphorically wish for from time to time. " I wish these pants were green (sob, sniff) because then it wouldn't matter if I got grass stains."


  1. Very funny--I love the dramatics. We're convinced our drama queen is destined for Broadway, too.

  2. Classic line! Too bad we all can't solve our problems so easily.

  3. I wish all my kids' clothes were multi-colored, speckled, tie-died, or camouflaged because then it wouldn't matter if they stained them with anything.