Friday, October 26, 2007

it's true

This afternoon we were taking a little family stroll across BYU campus. The weather is perfectly Fall; late afternoon sun, no clouds, air crisp but not cold, really pleasant stuff. My almost 4 year-old runs ahead of all of us with her arms open wide and says loudly "I look sooo beautiful today!" Then she skips around some more, her blond ponytail bouncing up and down, the yellow ruffles on her skirt doing the same. She is completely happy and completely oblivious to the amused and charmed glances of those passing by.


  1. You make me very nostalgic. The colors . . . the feeling of fall. Even now, 15 years after graduation I can't go through fall without thinking I ought to be heading back to the campus.

  2. I feel beautiful today too! .. especially if that means the temperature is perfect and the sky in a crisp, clear blue and the trees are red, yellow and amazing!!!