Monday, January 7, 2008

now I remember why

Some how, on the first Sunday of the year, we made it to church on time. And not just on time, folks, early! It wasn't even a New Year's resolution of ours, although it should be. We usually slip into our seats a few minutes after the meeting has started, but yesterday we were there BEFORE the organ even started playing the prelude music. Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. We decided to sit on a padded bench instead of chairs (understand, the benches are closer to the front).

And then my son melted down before you could say "reverent" and the baby got fussy and antsy. Then I realized why we were on time. Because we had skipped my little boy's nap. Which was why we were early. Usually we wake him up at the last possible minute to throw him into his Sunday clothes so that he can sleep as long as possible and therefore, arrive at church a little off schedule. Also, the baby often demands someone stand up with her, bouncing her up and down to the hymns. You can't do that very well sandwiched between benches.

While I am all for punctuality, especially for church, I am relieved that next week when things go back to normal (and for good reason) we won't be breaking any resolutions, whether they should be made or not.


  1. On Dec. 30th we had to talk in church, so for sure we made it on time, even early. We went through all of our snacks and bag of tricks before we even got through the opening song. Fred leaned over and said, "Now I know why we never come on time. It's just an extra 15 minutes of THIS." Yep. Amen.

  2. If you go on time... then it's 3 whole long hours. I have to be on time right now, but can't wait until I can drag in a bit tardy. :)

  3. Absolutely for a good reason. Hope your upcoming Sunday fares better.