Wednesday, January 2, 2008

oh so last year- is that allowed?

Have you heard of Lake Superior State University? I know, I know, catch up on your geography! I didn't know Lake Superior was a state, either. But every year they publish a list of words that they "ban" from current usage. Does this count as censorship or just good taste? You decide.

The list for 2008: words you should not use any more, a.k.a., banned words:

perfect storm, Webinar, waterboarding, organic, worthsmith/wordsmithing, author/authored, post 9/11, surge, give back, 'blank' is the new 'blank', Black Friday, back in the day, random, sweet, decimate, emotional, pop, it is what it is, under the bus.

In other words (actually in the same words) I should not have written and you should not read the following paragraph, but it'll be fun if you do.

Between all of the waterboarding and organic wordsmithing, the questionably authored post 9/11 surge at the Webinar I attended made for a perfect storm. The emotional events on Black Friday, or any Friday for that matter, were decimated. It was sweet, but back in the day no one would have decided to give back, no matter how random. So even if it doesn't pop, hey, under the bus it is what it is.

Indeed, it is!


  1. Can I add "impacted"? That one always bothered me :) Maybe it was the years working at Covey where it was used ad nauseum.

  2. So great! I have to find that article so I can post it on sk*rt.