Friday, November 21, 2008

1 day 7 hours 26 minutes & 35 seconds until kickoff {!}

I really kind of like this.

But you do know this picture is for laughs, right? Kind of a tongue in cheek sort of chuckle.

Right? {click on it if you want a better look...}

Some around here call it The Holy War, a moniker I am uncomfortable with, but the national media have picked up on it and so the name sticks. It's always the last game of the regular season schedule. It's a rivalry of the most intense kind. The kind of game that has me yelling at the t.v. and standing up on the couch with my arms in the air. Oh, wait. That's me at all the games. But especially this game.

Oh my.

This year we play the game away from home....which, given past results, is not necessarily a bad thing: both teams know how to go into the other's house and school them.

So while that photoshopped image is all in good fun, you do know that I definitely bleed blue.

Oh, yes. I do.

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  1. my husband is over at his mom's right now watching the game. (we don't get the mountain channel and i don't care for football.) so I'm home blogging instead.