Tuesday, November 11, 2008

really , no time for nostalgia

This was a birthday that lasted a l l d a y l o n g... and by the end you could tell.

It started with preschool in the morning, with the requisite birthday treats, followed by house cleaning, followed by a trip to the store for party supplies (with Oliver screaming his head off the entire time), followed by party prep and more house cleaning (where, mercifully, both Camille and Oliver fell asleep on the way home from the store, and therefore were willing to nap for a long time), followed by party (!), followed by dinner chosen by the birthday girl, and then solidly rejected, in fact, by the very same birthday girl when it came time to eat, followed by the family party, followed by ice cream and cake with Nana, Grandpa, and some uncles and an aunt. It was a lot. Probably too much. But Five is a Big Deal. I can especially tell that by the state of utter disarray my house is in. But the cake (a collaboration between Ben and myself: he bakes it, I decorate it) turned out nicely and that always makes me happy, even if the house is a mess in the end.

the birthday girl at her party

the cake, top view

the cake, side view

family party ~ showing off the art set


  1. You need a nice long nap :) The cake looks great!

  2. While this all looks like a lot of fun, after reading it I think I may never have children. What I said just then is mostly a joke. Mostly.

  3. You didn't tell me that there was a party Monday night!!!