Monday, November 3, 2008

bewildered but productive

I love the time change in the fall. I get up the same time my body has been getting up for the past 6+ months, but I have an ENTIRE EXTRA HOUR on my hands to be productive! And I was. And so were the kids. More or less.

I always have a few moments of "wait- what time is is???? though, when double checking clocks that haven't been changed with clocks that have been changed . When I dropped Ella off at preschool this morning I had to think through the time on the dashboard and the NPR show playing on the radio, almost convinced I was an hour late. But I wasn't. And so that was good.

Of course, right now Camille is getting good and ready to take her nap, but I'm going to need to keep her up until after preschool. Which will mean nap time is an hour later than normal. This could be tricky. And one of the downsides to changing the time around.

Also, when it gets to be the late afternoon and I realize Ben won't be home for another hour, that will be a downside, too. A bummer, one could say. Hmmm.

That extra hour in the morning feeling must be worth a lot to me, I guess.


  1. The downside for me was that my 2 year old woke up at 5:00am instead of 6:00am. The good part was that I actually got her to go back to bed for a few more hours instead of fighting with her til it was actually time to get up. She was so funny as she tried to convince me to let her watch TV that early. . . sorry kid - PBS doesn't wake up that early either.

  2. The worst is when you sabotage whatever enjoyment that could come from this extra hour...example, you ask? Kip and I stayed up way late, making any kind of extra hour a moot point.