Monday, November 24, 2008

chairs on tables

The past weekend had its ups and downs.

Ben kindly bought me a massage. It was rather lovely. Massages are really nice things. When I got back he asked me how it was. It was good, I replied. Because it was good. But not great? he asked. And, well, no. It wasn't great. The masseuse did a decent job, but the room was a tad chilly and it's hard to relax your muscles when you're a little cold. And then Ben said he had a better masseuse for a better price and I thought he was joking, but it turns out he's not. Ben is very resourceful that way. But really, the next paid massage in our family should be for Ben and not for me, because he could use it. Although if you insisted, I wouldn't say no...

Of course the massage was some what compromised by the tension my body imbibed by watching the BYU / Utah game Saturday night. It was a little sad, and our quarterback, to whom I am distantly related, had a bad night. No really. A BAD NIGHT. Oh well. I am not one of those fans to disown their team for the occasional disappointing performance. Actually I have stuck by my team through many bad and questionable seasons, and this season was not one of them. We have done a pretty dang good job. And if you are one of those "fans" who don't actually support our team except when they are perfect in every way, don't come over to my house. I might punch you in the face, because I am rather tired of you.

On Saturday I also came up with a 5 point cleaning plan so that I can come home from our Thanksgiving trip to Las Vegas to a sparkling house. I mean, December starts a week from today!!!! That means Christmas and decorations, and so I am going to be a crazy mean cleaning machine. Well, I might actually not have the energy for that, but I am going to try. Because. Well, you know why. Especially if you run a household around the holidays. What are the 5 points? Well, I can't really say. The Cleaning Plan just sounded more official that way.

And all of our chairs now have semi-permanent residence on top of our table or countertop so that Camille, the mountaineer, can not scale them up to the roof top. Because she would if she could.

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  1. My husband just bought me a massage also. It was the worst thing ever. I felt like I was being tortured. There were a few moments when she was at my neck that I was pretty sure a wrong move would kill me.

    But I haven't had any back pain since!