Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anywhere the Wind Blows

It snowed last night.

Unpleasant, early spring rain turned to cold icy snow, snow. (Read that sentence again, the two snows are there on purpose.)

And this morning the sun came out a few hours late. But on a day like this, who could blame him? He did show up. The rays that brightened the kitchen and made it bearable to clean the family room were lovely, but did nothing at all to protect those who had to venture out of their houses.

The wind was vicious today and when I went to pick up my daughter from school I stepped out of the car only to have a violent gust of air whoosh past me so fast it took my breath away. That is one of the oddest feelings; having air pulled out of your mouth so that the lungs are lost for a moment, with suddenly nothing to do.

My daughter, on a field trip to the local airport, told me the wind blew so hard that it moved her to a different spot from where she was standing. I can see it right now: a miniature Mary Poppins blowing wherever the wind takes her. It's too bad it's so cold, otherwise that might be pleasant.

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  1. I remember while living in NYC my jeans freezing and my snot drying up every time I turned a cross street.. And one year, 1999 I think, when a woman sitting in Bryant Park told me never to wear white in March -"it is just inappropriate"- (I was flying to CA that same day) and on my way back a few days later, arriving to a snow struck JFK... She was right.

    Keep warm.

    ps.: I did have some blog suggestions but my computers hard disk just quit on me the other week and all my links are lost.. so do post some of your favorite blogs for our sake as well :)