Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Your Suggestions, Please

I'd like to branch out there and find some new blogs to read. Not that I don't like the old blogs. I love the old blogs. And I read them every day. I am just looking to add to my Google Reader list.

I am not one of those amazing social creatures who have a million good friends and a billion acquaintances. And while some people I know really like blogging because, while they are more introverted in real life, on the net they just explode out (in a good way). I am not like that.

I have found that I interact on the internet in similar fashion to my real life. I keep things small-ish and enjoyably manageable. I am not super-introverted. But I wouldn't call myself an extrovert either. I had a friend once who insisted that he was introverted, but everywhere we went he knew someone. So I chose not to believe him. But believe me. I have never been a social butterfly. In fact, I have been thinking about writing a post called Social Media for the Anti-social. DON'T ANYONE STEAL THAT TITLE FROM ME! IT'S MINE! I'm not really the possesive type either. Except when it comes to pseudo-academic blog post titles.

But anyway.

I'd like to venture out into the blogosphere a little bit more, expand my horizons, etc., etc. I actually check in on a fair amount of blogs, but whenever I start to wander around the net I run into all sorts of different people and it's rather amazing to me.

So, dear readers. You may not know me well, but if you have a blog that you think I would enjoy, tell me what it is. Maybe it's yours and you are sort of an introvert and are shy about sharing. Don't be. Share away! I like good writing, interesting ideas, and not a lot of swearing.


  1. 2 of my personal favorites (other than yours):
    That is my good friend Molly's blog. She and her husband lost their little 2 year-old daughter almost a year ago--I recommend going back through some of the posts.
    This is also another good friend . . . lot's of great, healthy recipes (and a few not so healthy recipes).

  2. Thanks, Alena!

    {I've read through some posts from the first one and sat crying in front of my computer.}

  3. I think you will really like The Apron Stage:

  4. I would supply your British invasion...I have a garden friend, her name is Weaver Of Grass (you can find her on red clover) and she is nice, a writer/poet and old? Not sure, but she has "long ago" memories. The reason I like Weaver is that not only is she quite fascinating and great to read, but she has a gaggle of friends who are just as interesting. I'll have to tell you a few favorites. Anyway, I like to go and play through the comments left on her blog. (I just read one post by an old man, poet, who posted something he'd been working on and then asked for a title. It was great fun. I also like some thoughts by Woodland Fay. She likes flowers, and Paris, and art, and has a nice picture. Do head over the pond!

  5. I like:

  6. I am not sure what is already on your reader, but I enjoy these blogs:

    The Lyon’s Tale

    Diapers and Divinity

  7. A new one I found and quite enjoy...

  8. My good friend writes a blog called Good Enough. She posts infrequently but I love her stuff.

  9. I don't have a very long blogroll because I bore easily and refuse to waste my time reading things just for the sake of reading them. So unless I REALLY enjoy somebody's writing they don't make the cut into my reader. And I have also been known to remove items from my reader that may have once been enjoyable but have since lost their appeal.

    And yes, you are in my reader, just in case you were wondering.

    What kind of blogs do you want to read? Are you looking for personal blogs where you can expect some interaction from the writer? Or something that's just really fun to read? Most the blogs I read and comment on I never hear back from the author because they have like a million followers. But I do have a few where I hear from the writer now and then and I do find that quite enjoyable actually.

    Okay, now that I wrote a NOVEL in your comments here without actually answering your question I think I'll just go to bed now and maybe tomorrow I'll just email you a list of the blogs I follow. :)