Monday, March 16, 2009

The Sun is A Mass of Incandescent Gas

As of this moment:
The Dow is up.

The temperature is up.

Therefore my children are outside running around in the backyard.

{They get very excited when the Dow goes up, those little financiers.}

{No. They have no idea what the Dow is, and that's a good thing. They are outside running around because things are a balmy 42 degrees right now. Almost summer!}

I need to shower soon so I can do what I need to do for the day.

The Pioneer Woman's post (see A Time to Heal) about her new border collie made me tear up.

I don't really even like dogs all that much.

As I head into the years I find that I truly prefer cats to dogs, probably 100 to 1.

But I wouldn't let either of them into my house.

A good cry now and then is a good thing, so I need to watch some sad movies.

I'm all for cathartic release through vicarious emotion. It's easier sometimes.

I am a little tired, also. Which is probably why I was all teary-eyed about some dog I don't even know.

But that is par for the current course right now, and it's time to get my game on.

Whatever that means.


  1. We love They Might Be Giants, too. Great chain of thought! Enjoy the beautiful day.

  2. I liked this post...I like them all, but I liked this post.

  3. The Dow was up and I missed it? Must've been the day I was hiding under the covers from my children.

    And I watch sad movies while folding laundry while my husband is at work because he doesn't understand why sometimes I just need to cry. (you'd think a man who grew up with 4 sisters would get it.)