Monday, March 2, 2009

an open letter to the month of March

Dear March,

Welcome. I have been looking forward to your arrival. Now you are here, and though it's not quite as grand as I had hoped (my kids are still dealing the remains of their illnesses), I am glad.

I have plans for you, month of March. They include eating less sugar, getting to bed earlier (although this will be a trick with Daylight Savings coming up on Sunday ~ darn U.S. Congress), and perhaps, just perhaps starting to get some sort of regular exercise program.

I may also take my vitamins.

This may seem over ambitious to you, dear March. But seeing as we're all a little tired and rundown over here, something must be done!

There are a few exceptions for sugar consumption: cough drops, as needed; and family birthday celebrations, which will total three dessert opportunities. And that seems good to me. As for the kids, they can have either pumpkin or oatmeal cookies. Healthy enough, right?

SO. Where do you come in?

I know you are a finicky, wind-blowing, temperamental month, but if you would so kindly send some nice rain to clear the muck out of the air, followed by a few brilliant sunny days, I think we'll all emerge from this month rested and well, and all the better for it.

Thanks, most sincerely.


  1. I have been very cheered the past two days by the fact that it is March. Something is in the air - still fairly dreary but there is some promise hanging over it all.

  2. My tulips have started to pop up. And although the weather man tells me there will be snow on them again tomorrow, it makes me happy to see them.