Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just when you think you know what you're talking about

I moved the crib out of our room and downstairs into "the boys' room" yesterday. We now officially have a room dedicated to the boys and to the girls. My baby, at seven months, had hit a phase of waking up repeatedly at night and not going back to sleep. Some of this I attributed to recent illness, colds, and teething. But also due to the fact that he thinks Ben and I are great and he wants to hang out with us instead of going sleeping.

I decided, with my maternal wisdom, that as soon as his second top tooth pushed through his sensitive gum that the baby would move in with his brother, downstairs, where I might be able to hear him cry, but more able to resist the magnetic pull that your crying baby has on you at 3 in the morning. And yesterday, after a ridiculous night of waking and waking again (because, we are so great, right?) I decided it was The Day.

And then he was grumpy all day. And didn't nap too well. And only at bedtime did I notice that he has not been working to get out just his two top teeth, but four top teeth, at the same time. And then I felt bad. Because of course you wake up crying in the middle of the night for that!

Still, I put him to bed downstairs. I rocked him back to sleep once before I went to bed. I fed him at 3:30 am when Ben brought him to me and then after letting him cry for 40 minutes and wake up my other son, I went down and let him spit up all his recent feeding down my back and then let him lie in bed with his brother and I for a few minutes before putting him back to sleep. He fussed for 15 seconds and then conked out. And I slept a little bit after that. But I had crazy dreams, and not very pleasant ones at that.

But it's progress anyway. Although my bedroom feels a little bit empty.


  1. Oh my sweet, may you both get some much needed rest! We've rather enjoyed the 'Teething Tablets', have you tried them? They seem to soothe for some reason.

  2. Oh, I'm living it, too! My six month old is still getting up at least once a night. I let her cry last night for 40 minutes before finally going to soothe her, only to find that her diaper was incredibly stinky, and of course you can't sleep through that! And then I felt awful for making her cry for 40 minutes before I answered her call, when all the while I was only trying to teach her that wonderful skill they call self-soothing. Big sigh. Try again.