Sunday, January 23, 2011

Musings. {And darn good ones, too.}

Yesterday evening I came down with some sort of stomach bug that made me feel ill, in fact not just "feel" but "be" ill. (Do those quotation marks make sense?) And though my stomach felt somewhat delicate this morning, I avoided breakfast and went to church and then came home and drank an Izze, which is what one should do with a delicate stomach.

And now, evening once more upon us, I am hanging out on my bed. My baby seems to have caught a cold AGAIN and is coughing in his sleep. I am, as you may well imagine, unhappy about this turn of events. I have been waiting for his top teeth to finally puncture through his little gum so that he can stop waking up so many times at night and so I can move him downstairs to his brother's room. Of course, this entire paragraph, save the first sentence, is a rather lengthy aside because the whole point of telling you that it is evening once more is not to inform you about the health of my baby, but to point out that other than my sleeping baby, I am the only one here at home.

Ben took the kids off to Sunday dinner at my parent's house, which was nice of him. We go almost every week, and I quite enjoy it (who doesn't like going home? I know some of you don't, but I do, so don't answer that. It's a rhetorical question.)

But back to my aside, I have been wondering if perhaps my baby is upset, not because he is teething, but because he has an earache. He, as pointed out earlier, has been beset by many nose-clogging colds, and I wonder if I should take him to the doctor. But I don't want to pay the co-pay for no reason. Does that make me, not an awful, but perhaps an irresponsible mother?

Perhaps I need to haul out the humidifier tonight for him anyway. Babies with colds make me so sad.

And now back from my continued aside, and perhaps onto another: I went to part of the Altitude Design Summit and has a jolly time. And essentially told people that my blog was on hiatus. And then I had to ask myself: on hiatus from what? because I have been posting. And I think it's because I have been posting without any attempt at regularity, and because at one time I really was posting with readers in mind, and these days it is very much more for myself. Not that I don't love anyone who reads here, I do love you! It's just that in my mind I plan on having a more concrete direction for the blog, but am not acting on it at the moment, and there fore am on hiatus, even though I am posting. Plus, I am not a design blogger. But let me say this, I have a post coming about the whole event, which was fun, and the more philosophical musings it induced in me.

Also: I've been thinking about the definition of help meet, and what that entails. No feminist rantings to come on that one, maybe just definitions.

Also: Sad baby is awake. And I think he wants a bath.

So: Cheerio!


  1. Oh! I can't wait to hear more about what you thought of Alt. I loved my day there with my dear friend who I don't see enough. Hope you baby feels better and you too.

  2. I don't like babies being sick and sad but I so feel extra love for sad sick babies. Love to yours.