Wednesday, January 26, 2011

States of Unions, and other things.

Well, the baby slept through the night. Or didn't cry long enough to wake anyone up.

Of course, that doesn't mean none of my other children didn't get up about 2:30 in the morning, grumpy and wanting to sleep in my bed.

* * *

I watched part of the State of the Union last night, and listened to part of it. I will say this about the State of the Union:

1 - I always love it when they announce the President.
2 - Speaker of the House, John Boehner kept making faces that said "well, I'm being circumspect and not rude, but I really don't agree with the President on any of these things and I'd like you to know that. Aren't I subtle?"
3 - I'm not a fan of Nancy Pelosi, but at least she always looked fairly gracious up there on the stand, even in the Bush years. I chalk it up to her being a woman. Which may be unfair to Mr. Boehner, but there it is.
4- When I watch the State of the Union address I am constantly reminded of lines from The West Wing, which I then try and quote to Ben.
5 - The Response to the State of the Union always, always bugs me. I don't care who you are, if you are Republican or Democrat, it feels like a "getting in the last word" kind of thing in a whiney kind of way. Seriously. Let the President do his Constitutional duty and be done with it. The End.

* * *

Tonight is a big game for BYU basketball. It should be fun to watch. In prep for the big game our local newspaper has been printing a full size poster of Jimmer Fredette. My 17 year old sister has it on her door. I like Jimmer Fredette. He seems like a nice guy and shoots three's like they're going out of style. Fortunately they are not going out of style, because he's not the only player on the team with a good outside shot. Seriously. It will be fun to watch.

* * *

I know it's a completely unoriginal feeling, but I'd like a little more time and money, because oh the things I could do...mostly stuff around the house. I have plans. Also, a little more energy, but with the baby sleeping through the night, well, I'll be getting there.

And with that full circle, I'll say see ya until the next time.


  1. I love your thoughts on the SOTU. (I missed it...but wanted to watch online.)

    Hooray for babies that sleep all night and more money. Those are always on my list of wants/needs.

  2. It's too bad both sides of the aisle can't just say we agree on this and this and this outcome and we'll work together. There has to be enough common ground to at least stand on amicably.

  3. I thought Obama's sotu address was sublime. Barack for president!! Oh! he already is. Barack for president again next time! :) However, I'm afraid he has too much sense, intelligence, and good will.

  4. Yes, I enjoyed Mr. President as well. I turned of the commentary as quickly as possible just in time to hear one of them expound on how unexciting the SOTU address was. I'm not sure what kind of excitement they were look for. I thought it hopeful and forward looking. That's excitement if you ask me.

  5. Twenty minutes into the State of the Union address, I turned to Rob and said, "You know, I just like President Bartlet's SOTU speeches better."

    Maybe it's time for President Obama to hire Aaron Sorkin as his director of communications.