Wednesday, January 21, 2009

begin again

Yesterday much of the nation watched Barack Obama being sworn in as our 44th president. (Though technically. He is the 43rd man to hold the office--Grover Cleveland was our 22nd and 24th president, a rather amazing feat, if you ask me.)

While that momentous occasion took place the stock market tumbled and the Dow closed below 8000. No one mentioned that in the inaugural coverage, however. Which is good. It's not like we don't know we are living in troubled times.

There was a little bit of frenzy all over the internets about Michelle Obama's dresses. It's good to know we can still be frivolous during such historic and difficult moments. We're still grounded, America! (I type that, tongue in cheek. With a little bit of a chuckle, and a little bit of a sigh.)

In anycase, we have a young(-ish) man in the White House, with an enormous burden of responsibility on his shoulders, and if he has preached a gospel of hope, he will surely need it now. But he has the gift to make people pay attention and to give them the desire to participate in heeding a call to action.

There have been many official prayers said over the past week for our new president. I will join with them my own unofficial prayers.

God bless America; and may we endeavor to deserve it.

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  1. I say God bless the man. I am behind him and I pray for his success and I too thought Michelle Obama's dress was awesome!! I loved the fact that it was yellow. She looked terrific. And I loved watching them dance at the one thousand and one balls they attended.