Monday, January 12, 2009

kosher sidewalks

We've been going through some pretty, I'd say, wintery weather. It's cold. There is a lot of snow. And with the snow, ice. We get a nice patch right outside our door thanks to the icicles hanging off the roof and sometimes partially melting throughout the day.

There has been so much snow that the cities around here have pretty much plowed through (hee, hee) their salt budgets like, well, like a city that has recently experienced a l o t of snow. Which is problematic. If it snows again.

But, let us be optimistic. Perhaps it won't snow any more this year! And if it does, maybe it will be that kind of snow that lands on the grass and stays, but melts at any sign of cement or concrete or blacktop road stuff.

Maybe with the salt-budget shortage, bagged rock salt will begin reappearing in the stores, because heretofore (it's fun to use words like that) there has been no rock salt anywhere. There has, indeed, been a shortage. None at the market. Or Walmart. My neighbor grabbed the last bag at Lowes.

And so our walkway has remained rather icy.

Except, sometimes, I pull out my magic weapon.

It's great for gourmet cooking, too.


  1. The US is the leading salt consumer of the world - in winter 2007-2008 alone, 20.3 million tons of road salt were used to "snowfight" he hee. I have lots of unnecessary information, thank you. :P

    Just give the kids salt shakers and let them loose on the walkways :)

  2. kitty litter works awesome! We are going through a salt shortage as well but kitty litter has done the trick. Give it a try.

  3. For us we use so much on the walks that I have to be careful shoveling the snow onto flower beds because if the salt gets into the soil in large quantities it's not so good. One year I used fake stuff and nearly killed all my flowers along the steps.

  4. I've heard that in a pinch here in Minnesota that some use the salt intended for water softeners. But yours could be funny. We actually don't salt much at our house, a little snow left out makes for good friction.