Thursday, January 22, 2009

the truth of the matter is this:

Because we inexplicably fed our children garlic bread this morning for breakfast I got to have this conversation:

Me: Go brush your teeth before you leave for school because your breath smells like garlic.*

Her: Do they have garlic toothpaste?

Me: No. They don't.

Her: But what if someone made garlic toothpaste?

Me: Trust me, they wouldn't. Go brush your teeth.

And because our air quality is currently in the toilet:

Me: Did they let you outside at recess?

Her: The other day was a red day so we couldn't go out. But yesterday they said you can go out unless you have air breathing problems.

Me: Okay.

Her: I don't have air breathing problems, so I can go out.

*disclaimer: I do have her brush her teeth regardless of any garlic that may or may not be present. I do manage to be on top of that morning detail. But of course, this morning the smell was paramount!


  1. I think my husband might use garlic toothpaste if they had it. Then he'd use the normal kind to get rid of the smell...

  2. Ick. Garlic flavored toothpaste?